Magic Cane Smart Easy Adjustable Walking Stick with LED Lights Lightweight Folding & Extendable Aluminum Folding Walking Cane


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Magic Cane Smart Easy Adjustable Walking Stick with LED Lights Lightweight Folding & Extendable Aluminum Folding Walking Cane

MAGIC CANE provides much more support, tract, and grip than traditional canes. It is built with a Quad base and a pivoting head so that users get the constant support and comfort they need while walking. The cane also comes with a light and stands up on its own, not needing to be leaning against anything like other canes do. Soft Foam Grip: The handle on this cane is covered in soft foam grip, which will help prevent your hand from slipping off the apparatus as you stand up, sit down, or walk around. Lightweight: Although this cane can support up to 250 pounds of weight, it only weighs one pound itself, so the vast majority of people won’t find it difficult to carry. Quad Base: Due to its secure base, which includes four separate treads, this cane will stand on its own, without falling over, when you’re not using it. Therefore, if it’s getting in your way while you’re trying to complete a certain task, you’ll have the option of letting go of it but leaving it by your side. Adjustable: In accordance with your height, you’ll be able to make your MAGIC CANE shorter or longer. Taller users may want to extend it closer to the maximum height, 37.8 inches, while shorter users may want to keep it closer to the minimum height of 33.8 inches. The cane will also pivot when necessary as you move, so you won’t feel as if using the device is severely restricting your range of movement. Led Light Attached: It has a super-bright, pivoting LED light attached to its top, which you can turn on when you need to see more clearly in the dark. Folds up for Storage: When you aren’t using your cane, you’ll be able to fold it up so it’ll fit within most medium to large-sized drawers. Once it’s folded, you may even be able to slide it comfortably under your car seat for convenience as you drive. Whenever you need to use it again, you’ll be able to unfold it in a few seconds’ time.


  1. Walking Stick with LED flashlight.
  2. Non slip T handle with light, can directly point forward 20 meters.
  3. Freely adjust to different illumination angles, usually used in night or dark environment.
  4. Handle with sponge, decrease the hand pressure.
  5. Made of Aluminum alloy, stable pivoting quad base can ensure your safety and stability whatever angle.
  6. This is the best folding stick, it will help you walk and keep you move.
  7. Folds up in seconds, light weight, folds small so it fits in your handbag.
  8. It is fully adjust length, suitable for most human height.


Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black
Folding size: 29*17cm
Diameter: 2cm
Adjustable height: 86-97cm
Handle length: 17.5cm
Base size: 9.5cm
LED brightness: 55-65W
Suitable height rang:150-190cm
Weight support:100-120kg

  • කදු නැගීමට, ඇවිදීමට අපහසු, ඇවිදීමේදී වෙවුලන වැඩිහිටි පුද්ගලයන්ගේ ඇවිදීම පහසු කරවීම සදහා නිපදවා ඇත
  • කුඩා ප්‍රමාණයකට නවා අඩු ඉඩක පහසුවෙන් අසුරා තැබිය හැක
  • උස ප්‍රමාණ 5කට අඩු වැඩි කල හැක
  • හැඩල් එකෙහි ලයිට් එකක් තිබෙන නිසා කලුවරේදී ප්‍රයෝජනවත් වේ
  • හැඩල් එක ඇල්ලීමට පහසු හැඩයකින් සහ අතට පහසු ආවරනයකින් සමන්විතයි
  • පතුල වක්‍රාකාරව සහ පාදයෙහි රබර් කොටස් 4ක් තිබෙන නිසා ලිස්සා නොයන අතර මෙය ඇල්ලීමකින් තොරව සිටවා තැබිය හැක
  • පොලව තුළට බදා අල්ලා ගත් පසු අංශක 360 දක්වා පුද්ගලයාට එය අල්ලාගෙන කැරකීමට වුවද හැකියාව ඇත
  • ඉහල පටියකින් සමන්විත නිසා අත තුළ රදවා ගැනීම පහසු වේ
  • උස ප්‍රමාණ 5කට අඩු වැඩි කල හැක
  • ශක්තිමත් හා කල්පවතින Aluminum alloy වලින් සාදා ඇත
  • සෙන්ටිමීටර 97ක් (අගල් 37) ක් දක්වා විශාල කල හැක
  • අඩි 4.5ට වැඩි ඕනෑම උසක කෙනෙකුට ගැලපේ
  • කිලෝ 120ක පමණ අයෙකුගේ බර මෙයට දරාගත හැක

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