Rechargeable Waterproof Wet and Dry Razor Shaver Beard Razor Men Women Shaving Machine


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Rechargeable Waterproof Wet and Dry Razor Shaver Beard Razor Men Women Shaving Machine

Double-ring Cutter Net
Faster Removal Of Whiskers

Multiple Cutter Head
Sharp And Safe Cutter Head

Tight Waterproof
Support Blade Washing

Ultra-long Standby Time
Built In Large Capacity Lithium Battery

Strong Power
Loading High Power Motor

Convenient Charging
Design Of USB Charging Interface

  1. Flawlbss electric shaver is equipped with a touch sensor chip. The integrated design has no switches and no buttons. You can push the magnetic protective cover with one hand, and the knife net will automatically turn on the device when it is close to the skin. Flawlbss portable electric shaver can sensitively sense the skin surface; enter the fully automatic shaving mode, free your hands, and experience a smart life.
  2. When the mens womens electric shaver leaves the skin, it will automatically enter the sleep standby mode, so as not to forget to turn off the mens electric shaver and fail. The intelligent anti-missing touch system restarts when the knife net and the body are micro-charged. The low battery indicator will flash to remind you; when the battery is about to run out, the Flawlbss men’s shaver can also maintain the right shaving force without pulling your beard hair.
  3. Rotating double-ring floating knife net design, independent floating aluminum foil shaver knife net allows more beard hair to enter the cutting surface, and the men’s electric shavers can quickly capture the beards that are difficult to clean in the mouth, jaw, and neck. The blades is made of JFE stainless steel, which has the characteristics of long-lasting wear resistance and a service life of up to 10 years.
  4. This is an IPX7 waterproof Electric Razor. The waterproof performance even surpasses smartphones. mens electric razor head can be removed and cleaned. The whole machine can be soaked in the water for 30 minutes; it can easily deal with the humid environment and use the bubble. Tip: Please pay attention to keep your personal products hygiene, and clean the equipment after each use.
  5. This shaver supports 1 minute emergency charging, USB-C can be used after 1 minute of speed charging. It is adapted to mobile power, laptop, tablet, and fast charging. It can be used for 60 days at a full load (2 days a day). When the low power is insufficient, the LED indicator lights flickering reminders
  • නැවත නැවත චාජ් කර භාවිතා කල හැක (වරක් චාජ් කර දින කිහිපයක් භාවිතා කලහැක)
  • රැවුල, මුහුනේ, අත්, කකුල්, කිහිලි, ඉකිලි සහ ශරීරයේ ඕනෑම තැනක රෝම ඉතා පහසුවෙන් ඉවත්කර ගත හැක
  • ගැහැණු පිරිමි දෙපාර්ශවයටම ගැලපේ
  • භාවිතා කිරීමෙන් පසු රේසරයේ උඩ කොටස ගලවා පිරිසිදු කරගත හැක
  • වියලි හෝ තෙත සමට වුවද භාවිතා කල හැක
  • හදිසි අවස්තාවක විනාඩියක් වැනි කෙටි කාලයක් චාජ් කර පාවිච්චි කල හැක
  • ඉතා කුඩා බැවින් ඕනෑම තැනක පහසුවෙන් ගෙනයා හැක
  • කාන්දමක් සහිත මූඩියකින් සමන්විතයි
  • රේසරය ශක්තිමත් මල නොබැදෙන වානේ වලින් සාදා ඇති අතර විශාල කාලයක් පාවිච්චි කල හැක
  • ජලයට ඔරොත්තු දෙන ලෙස සාදා ඇත
  • ඕනෑම සමකට ගැලපේ, රේසරය සම සමග ගැටුනු පසු පහලට කිදාබසින ලෙස සාදා ඇත (සම කැපෙන්නේ නැති ආකාරයට සාදා ඇත)

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