Cyber Sonic Hearing Aids High Performance Hearing Aid Adjustable Volume Amplifier

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Cyber Sonic Hearing Aids High Performance Hearing Aid Adjustable Volume Amplifier

Reclaim your ability to hear voices and other auditory details clearly with Cyber Sonic JH-113 Hearing Aids. They provide simple amplification of everything you hear, and they can be a wonderful solution for anyone with mild hearing loss who wants to watch TV, have one-on-one conversations, and understand the high-pitched voices of the grandkids without straining.

Hearing Aids: Here’s Where to Start

The Cyber Sonic JH-113 is an affordable, entry-level hearing aid you can use to find out if assisted hearing devices are right for you. Figuring out where to start with hearing aids doesn’t have to be a headache! Because hearing aids are so expensive, it is a good idea to learn more about what it is actually like to wear them before you take the plunge and purchase a very costly pair.

Please note: You should know that compared to this modest earpiece, those expensive high-end hearing aids produce much better quality sound, they often also solve common hearing aid problems such as wind noise and background noise, and they can provide customized amplification of the particular sound frequencies you really need help hearing. By contrast, the Cyber Sonic just amplifies all the noises around you. It only has the essential features. And that makes it the perfect place to start.

Easy to Wear, Easy to Use

Cyber Sonic JH-113 Hearing Aids are comfortable, low profile, and light weight. Wearing them is hassle-free! The Behind-the-Ear (BTE) design is comfortable and convenient, tucking the processing unit out of the way, right behind your ear. The neutral beige color helps your hearing aid seem to melt away out of sight, for a subtle and unobtrusive fit. And the earpiece is ultra light weight and compact, so even wearing it for long periods of time will not fatigue your ear.

Cyber Sonic is easy to use! The volume control is easily accessible from the outside edge of the hearing aid. This lets you adjust the volume up or down with no fumbling. (The maximum gain is about 45dB.) With easy control over the sound level, you can quickly adapt the volume of the sound you hear to fit your needs and surroundings. The on-off switch is similarly simple and sensible. Turning the volume all the way down before you put the earpiece in is highly recommended, to ensure you do not start at a startling or uncomfortable amount of sound amplification.

Three ear plug tips in different sizes are included. This will ensure you are able to get a good, snug fit. A secure seal inside the ear canal will deliver the best results, keeping the sound you hear clear. The ear tips may be frequently washed (by hand, with a little soapy water, and plenty of time to dry completely), helping to extend the lifetime of the device. Remove the batteries to protect the electronics inside the earpiece if it will not be used for a long time.

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

This device is a great first step in learning what hearing aids can do to help you or someone you love with better hearing. With noise-induced hearing loss, the higher frequencies are often the sounds that start to fade out first. And that means that even a mild and gradual hearing loss can interfere with your ability to understand what people are saying. Whether you’re speaking with your friends, your co-workers, or your grandchildren, you deserve to be able to hear what the people you care about are saying. Cyber Sonic is the perfect affordable place to start learning about how hearing aids can reconnect you with the people who matter.

At such a low price, you have nothing to lose but the sense of isolation caused by your inability to hear clearly.

What’s in the Box?
1x Cyber Sonic Hearing Aid Earpiece
3x ear tips in different sizes
1x Cyber Sonic storage/gift box
2x AG13 batteries
1x User Manual

  • කුඩා ශබ්ද පවා හොදින් පැහැදිලිව තියුණු සහ ස්වභාවික විදිහටම සවන් දීමට හැක
  • ඇසීමේ ශබ්ද 1 සිට 5 දක්වා අඩු වැඩි කල හැක
  • එක එක කණට ගැලපෙන Ear Plug 3ක් ලැබේ
  • වම හෝ දකුණු ඕනෙම කනකට පාවිච්චි කරන්න පුලුවන්
  • කනට සුවපහසු බවක් ඇති වන ආකාරයට සාදා තිබේ
  • ඉතා කුඩා නිසා මෙම උපකරණය පිටටත පෙනීම අඩුයි
  • බැටරි කාර්යක්ශමතාව ඉතා ඉහලයි (බැටරි 2ක් මේ සමග ලැබේ)

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